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This City Became World Famous in 1978

30 Oct

What city did JR Ewing make famous in 1978? Guess correctly in the comments and I’ll send you a prize.

CLUE: Pictured below is  the Reunion Tower, the Hyatt Regency and the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge (background).

CLUE: The Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge was designed by  Santiago Calatrava. Construction began in 2007 and was completed in 2012.

CLUE: Although the observation deck is closed for renovation, locals and tourists alike enjoy the spectacular city views from a top of Reunion Tower at Five Sixty by Wolfgang Puck. Happy Hour begins at 5:30 Mon – Thurs.

CLUE: Reunion Tower’s white globe was replaced in 2012 with thousands of multi-colored LED lights, each one hand placed around the top of the tower.

REVEAL: Dallas, Texas Congratulations to our winners! I should have another photo challenge the week of Nov. 12th.

Dallas, Texas

Dallas, Texas

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Jackson Pollock Painting

9 Oct

New York City is home to many museums. What museum displays this Jackson Pollock painting? (The first person who guesses correctly in the comments wins a prize.)

CLUE: This NYC museum has roots in Paris, France. It was in 1866 when a small group of Americans decided to bring art and art education to the American people in the form of a national institution.

CLUE: Today, the Museum’s two-million-square-foot building houses over two million objects, tens of thousands of which are on view at any given time.

CLUE: In 1910, this NYC museum was the first public institution in the world to acquire a work of art by one, Henri Matisse.

CLUE: During the fiscal year that ended on June 30, 2011, this museum welcomed 5.68 million visitors from around the world to the main building on Fifth Avenue and The Cloisters museum and gardens.

REVEAL: The Metropolitan Museum of Art 

This Jackson Pollock painting hangs in The Metropolitan Museum of Art

A Standout in Mexico

18 Sep

After a week off from Travel Tuesday photos, below is a pic showcasing one of my favorite cities in Mexico.  Guess the city and I’ll send you a gift.  It’s located in the far eastern part of the state of Guanajuato in central Mexico.  I’ll have more clues for you later this week.

Update: We got a winner! The photo below was taken in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.  You might not know that San Miguel has been a beacon for foreign art students, especially former U.S. soldiers studying on the G.I. Bill after the Second World War.

The main attraction of the town is its well-preserved historic center, filled with buildings from the 17th and 18th centuries.

This and the nearby Sanctuary of Atotonilco have been declared World Heritage Sites.

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

A Best Place to Live in America

21 Aug

CNN Money Magazine announced its 2012 list of Best Places to Live this week and my city just happened to make the top 10.  Guess the name of this city and I’ll send you a gift.

CLUE: One of the two Texas cities to make the  top 20.  It ranked high for its schools, quality health care, economy, rolling hills, historic town square and overall quality of life. And just until recently, the city is only 30 minutes from Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport.

CLUE: This Texas city is home to Adriatica, a unique development mirrored after a village in Croatia, complete with streets made of stone.  Believe me, you won’t think you’re still in Texas when you enter the grounds of Adriatica.

CLUE: This Texas city is home to the largest collection of crape myrtle trees in the world.

CLUE: The historic courthouse in this this city’s downtown square has been converted to a performing arts center. Lindsay Buckhingham of Fleetwood Mac performed there last week.

REVEAL: McKinney, Texas ranked the Second Best Place to Live in America in 2012 (CNN/Money Magazine).  McKinney is located 30 miles north of Dallas.

Did your city make the list?

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Travel Tuesday: A California Coast Pier

14 Aug

Guess location of the photo below and win a Starbucks gift card.

CLUE: The most well-known city pier on the west coast of the U.S.

CLUE:  While originally built in 1909 to satisfy this city’s sanitation needs, the pier quickly became a magnet for the fishing community and fueled the imagination of many local entrepreneurs.

CLUE: This pier attracts over 4 million visitors a year.

CLUE: In the 1930s, the beach was known as “Muscle Beach”. Famous bodybuilders such as Jack LaLanne and Joe Gold (Gold’s Gym) regularly worked out here, establishing this pier/beach area as the birthplace of the physical fitness boom.

Check back for more clues later this week.

Guess the location!

The First Atomic Bomb

1 Aug

Where was this photo taken? It’s a replica of the first atomic bomb. Guess correctly and win a Starbucks gift card.

CLUE: The location where Robert Oppenheimer and team won the wartime race to build an atomic bomb.

CLUE: In 2000, a 48,000 acre wildfire tore through the town. The fire was was supposed to be a controlled blaze set by the Park Service.

CLUE: New Mexico

CLUE: The town is spanish for “the cottonwoods”

REVEAL: Los Alamos, New Mexico

Replica of the first atomic bomb - Los Alamos, New Mexico

Replica of the first atomic bomb – Los Alamos, New Mexico

Travel Tuesday Photo Challenge: Week 7

19 Jun

It’s once again time for another Travel Tuesday Photo Challenge. Guess this city and win!

CLUE: Northern California

CLUE: You can see this city from San Francisco

CLUE: Only a ferry away from San Francisco

CLUE: The restaurant, Fish, is one of the city’s most popular

REVEALED: Sausalito, California

Sausalito, Calif.

Sausalito, Calif.