Motivation Nation is penned by Steve Conlin, CEO of Conlin Incentive Group.   Whether you are looking to develop new business leads; motivate the people who drive your business; retain the best talent or recognize outstanding employees, visit the CIG website to learn more about solutions that will help you achieve your goals.

“Nothing in business is easy, and most of our B2B customers are selling to intermediaries on a non-exclusive basis. Our role is to help our clients build key relationships with employees, customers and owners alike. It’s competitive out there, and the difference between making the sale, or not, most always comes down to the relationships our clients build with their customers. We see the 80/20 rule in play most of the time (80% of client’s revenues come from 20% of the client’s customers), so events that we manage are designed to enhance our client’s brand and to position their teams for success. When you gather clients and their key customers for a national meeting or for an award trip in a resort destination, and include spouses/significant others, you can build loyalty. And the economics of loyalty result in premiums. You realize premium sales volume, premium margins, premium trial and adoption of new products and services. And, when you have an issue to resolve, those who have a solid and long term relationship come to terms more equitably and more quickly.”


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